Cat Door vs Dog Door

If you’re considering installing a pet door in your home, you may be overwhelmed with the options available. Knowing the correct door to install for your pet is important. It takes time and effort to install a pet door, the last thing you want is your pet refusing to use it.

Dog doors and cat doors may look similar, and it’s true they serve the same purpose. However certain doors are more suitable for each animal. So how do you know whether to choose a dog door or a cat door? It comes down to some simple checkpoints and what you think will work for your home and pet.

The Difference Between A Cat Door And Dog Door

So just what are the differences between a cat door and a dog door? There’s more than you imagine.

  1. Size: The biggest difference between a dog door and a cat door is size. Cat doors are generally smaller than dog doors, though some small dogs could still use them. They are not suitable for mid to large size dogs.
  2. Shape: Dog doors tend to be tall and narrow like a rectangle. Cats are shorter and wider, so are more square in shape.
  3. Transparent flap: Cats are cautious animals and like to be able to see where they are going. Cat doors will usually have a clear flap so they are not put off pushing it open. Dogs may also prefer transparent flaps, but generally are less concerned about this.
  4. Flap material: Dog doors may have a flexible flap, while cats tend to be deterred by the dragging sensation of a soft flap and prefer a solid polycarbonate flap.

Features And Benefits Of Cat Doors

If you’re still unsure about why you should choose a cat door over a standard pet door, a look at the features and benefits of each may help you decide.

  • The smaller size of the door and flap can help deter other wildlife or neighbourhood animals from using it.
  • The harder flap is better for insulation and security as they can be locked via a magnetic system.
  • Cats are more likely to use the door if it has a hard flap as the sensation of a soft flap on their back is off-putting.
  • Transparent doors encourage your cat to be confident in using the door.

Cat Door Options

Thankfully it is just as easy to source a cat door as a dog door. The best cat door options are those with all the features listed above as well as a multi-way locking system. The Hakuna Pets four way locking cat flap does just that. The perfect size and shape for your cat, as well as a transparent, solid and insulating door.

One of the best benefits is the 4-way locking mechanism. You can allow free movement in and out, completely lock it or allow only one direction in or out at a time. This stops your cat from adventuring outdoors at the wrong time or when you are not home.

Best of all, it is extremely weatherproof and comes with a three-year guarantee for added peace of mind.