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Why you should consider getting a Retractable Dog Gate

Posted by Jamie Yates on

Pet access aside, pet gates are an important management tool that can help teach your dog boundaries and shape their behaviours and habits. It is crucial that the gate is not used to isolate your pup as this can be detrimental to their mental well-being. Rather, think of this tool in terms of health and safety. 

5 Signs Your Dog Isn't Getting Enough Exercise

Posted by Jamie Yates on

 As many of us start to cautiously head back into the office after working from home, it’s not just ourselves that will feel the initial shock but our pandemic pooches too. In 2020 pet ownership...

10 Ways to Exercise Your Dog

Posted by Jamie Yates on

Exercising is important for all living species. A lack of exercise, even in your pet, can cause health and weight issues which could lead to long term issues. Working out with a friend, or working...

How To Prevent Dog Bites

Posted by Jamie Yates on

Millions of people all over the world suffer from dog bites yearly. Most victims of dog bites end up in a hospital or a medical facility. Dog bites can vary from severe to minimal. Over...

8 Ways To Keep Your Cat From Running Outside

Posted by Jamie Yates on

A fleeing cat can be dangerous, annoying, and irritating. If you’re sick of chasing your cat around the yard or watching it disappear into the neighbourhood, you may need some tips on how to keep...