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Super Tough Replacement Flap


Replacement flap for the Hakuna Pets Small Super Tough Pet Door in Small (#1125), Medium (White #1126, Black #1122) and Large (White #1127 & Black #1123). To replace, unscrew/remove the frame with the flap attached from the area it has been installed into. Sit one flap hinge in place and then wedge a screwdriver between the long edge of the flap and the inner edge of the frame to expand the frame enough for the other hinge to slot back in. Please note when leveraging the flap in and out of the hinge hole it does require some force but as the plastic flap is slightly flexible, it should be able to take the pressure.

  • Small Product Dimensions: 6.69" x 9.06" 
  • Medium Product Dimensions: 8.66" x 11.42" 
  • Large Product Dimensions: 11.42" x 16.54" 


Draft and weather-resistant: Fitted with a thick brush seal to block drafts. Strong Magnet keeps the flap centred after each use. 

Durable Construction: UV stable polycarbonate Flap.

ONLY compatible with Hakuna Pets Super Tough Pet Doors.