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Product Help

Can I install my pet door into glass?
All our pet doors are suitable for installation into glass; however, you must employ a professional glazier to assist with your install. Do not attempt to cut your glass door/window yourself.
My dog has broken/chewed the door flap, how do I replace it?
Replacement flaps are available as spare parts, head to our spare parts page here.
How do I install my replacement pet door flap?
  1. Unscrew/remove the frame with the flap attached from the area it has been installed into.
  2. Sit one flap hinge in place and then wedge a screwdriver between the long edge of the flap and the inner edge of the frame to expand the frame enough for the other hinge to slot back in. 

Please note when leveraging the flap in and out of the hinge hole it does require some force but as the plastic flap is slightly flexible, it should be able to take the pressure.