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Patio Pet Door Extension


Extend the height of your Hakuna Pets Patio Pet Door by 3.9" with the Patio Pet Door Extension. Add to the top of your Patio Pet Door to fit taller sliding door tracks or install at the base of the pet door to increase the flap height for larger dogs.

Black extensions compatible with the Small Black Patio Pet Door (#1129), Medium Black Patio Pet Door (#1130) and Large Black Patio Pet Door (#1131). Silver extensions compatible with Small Silver Patio Pet Door (#1142), Medium Silver Patio Pet Door (#1144) and Large Silver Patio Pet Door (#1146). Bronze extensions compatible with Small Bronze Patio Pet Door (#1093), Medium Bronze Patio Pet Door (#1095) and Large Bronze Patio Pet Door (#1097). White extensions compatible with Small White Patio Pet Door (#1092), Medium White Patio Pet Door (#1094) and Large White Patio Pet Door (#1096).


Add Height: Extend pet door height by 3.9"

Durable Construction: Powder-coated solid aluminium frame

Easy Install: Slide on and attach with supplied screws

*Please note a maximum of 3x Extensions can be used together.