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Deluxe Aluminum & Patio Pet Door Replacement Flap


Replacement flaps for the Hakuna Pets Deluxe Aluminum Pet Door, available in Small (#1162, #1166), Medium (#1168, #1171), Large (#1169, #1172) and Extra Large (#1170, #1167) or Small Patio Pet Door (#1129), Medium Patio Pet Door (#1130) and Large (#1131).

  • Flexible TPU flap for safe easy pet access
  • Magnetic centring flap ensures the door is always shut

ONLY Compatible with Hakuna Pets Deluxe Aluminum Pet Doors.

Hakuna Pets truly means no worries. Quality, safety, reliability and style are paramount features when it comes to the design of our innovative new Pet Doors.


How to replace:

  1. Remove the outer frame with the flap attached
  2. Remove the screws at the top of the frame securing the flap
  3. Using a flat head screwdriver, pry open the metal strip/bar that clasps the flap in place
  4. Position new flap in frame, push down the strip/bar to clasp the flap in place and secure with screws
  5. Screw the pet door frame back in place

Video Guide